Last week, I did one of my favorite shows I’ve done in a long time… Room 101’s Improv on the Road show. A bunch of great improv teams drove around LA, picking up audience members 3 at a time and giving them a show in the front of the car. Every scene was set in a car, since every scene was performed in a car. It was wonderful and weird.

Puzzles (Deborah Tarica and I) did four sets, and Craig Tovey strapped a GoPro to the windshield for our last one… and so here’s the resulting video! It’s just like you too are in the back seat of my car as I struggle to remember to drive and improvise at the same time! Oh, and also, this particular show we went really blue, so maybe don’t watch it loud at work or around children/prudes.

You can also watch one of Shakedown’s sets here too!

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Probably the most important gchat I’ve ever received (name redacted to protect the innocent)-

um my intern has never heard of jamiroquai”

This is the type of thing that it’s important for me to be alerted to IMMEDIATELY.

I had 2 tell someone ;’(

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Seth’s first appearance on the show, with Jimmy Fallon and Chris Kattan back in 2001.


Seth’s first appearance on the show, with Jimmy Fallon and Chris Kattan back in 2001.

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"But I think it’s easier being a girl. Because it’s all a bunch of white dudes and they have to work harder to be different. It ebbs and flows with how many women are on the lineups in the shows I do. I went to a show the other night and there weren’t any women on the show, and I found myself getting a little bored and annoyed with it and then I realized, “Oh, it’s ‘cause I’m not on the show. I wouldn’t be annoyed if I was on the lineup.” It would be nice if there were more women on the lineups, it’s really important. But that also backfires too if they’re just putting a female on to diversify the lineup, and she’s not ready because then it just perpetuates it."
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